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Request a Free MBE Consultation

We would love to talk with you about the process for getting certified as a Minority Owned Business!


The process is very intense and requires an exceptional attention to detail to ensure certification. In fact 40%-50% of business that apply for certification are denied as a result of not fully understanding the depth and breadth of information that is required.


100% of the businesses we have presented for certification

have been approved!


"The processes is so time consuming that it is almost impossible to focus on the WBE requirements and run my business. HIT Executive Consulting made the process so much easier. Thank you!”

Rebecca Posoli-Cilli, Owner,

Freestream Aircraft USA


"As a new company, the process for WBENC seemed very complex. HIT Executive Consulting told me what I needed, submitted the paperwork, and talked me through what to expect in the interview process. They know what they are doing!”

Doreen Rose, Owner, WBE Certified, Recertified

Transportation Management Solutions


"We had talked about it, even started it, but could never get the WBE done. HIT Executive Consulting made the process painless and simple! ”


Jean Fassino, Owner, WBE Certified

American Landscape Supply, Inc.


"As a multi-generational company, we felt like meeting the requirements would be almost impossible. We had some unique challenges, but HIT Executive Consulting really helped with handling what we considered road blocks. Thank you! ”

Margaret Leffler, Owner,

Thurway Fasteners, Inc.


"I had a very complicated situation. HIT Executive Consulting tackled my road block head on and we applied much quicker than I anticipated. Thank you so much!”

Cathy Genetti, Owner,

Next Level Event Design


"Can't say enough about HIT Executive Consulting! Professional guidance and strict timelines insured we recevied our certification much sooner than if we had attempted it on our own.”

Debra Lamay, Owner, WBE Certified

Home Energy Solutions


"We are a private company that is very busy. It was so nice to have the whole process managed so that we could focus on our business.

Jasmine Fung, Manager, WBE Certified

Fuda International

Current Certification Clients

* HIT Executive Consulting is not affiliated with the WBENC, NWBOC, NMSDC, USWCC, NGLCC, or any other third party certifier. "Guaranteed Approval" applies to qualified women and minority owned businesses only. Please contact us for more details.

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