Why Certification?

June 18, 2023 If your company is conducting B2B business, you should definitely consider certification. With greater reason, the Government and large corporations are looking to do business with certified and qualified minority owned and women businesses. Aside from the $152.2 Billion awarded to small businesses that you’re leaving on the table if you’re not certified, obtaining the proper business certifications sets your business apart from your competitors and creates opportunities that normally would not be accessible. Your certifications will position you to win big by expanding business growth, revenue, exposure, and access to contract set asides for companies. Certifications are a special review process designed to ensure that a business is owned, controlled, managed and operated by applicants in categories that the city, county, or state is looking to do business with. Most local government offices give preference or set-aside contracts to minority owned business, women owned business, disabled veteran owned business, veteran owned business, or small business enterprises. Our Executive Consultants will work with you through the entire process and assist you with application completion, review and submittal. With our assistance, we not only ensure that you’re applying for the right business certifications, but we also help you identify additional opportunities you may not know are available to your company. There are numerous agencies at local, state, and federal levels that may be available to your organization. Our specialists work closely with our clients to guide them to the right certifications for their organization and through the complicated process of getting their company certified. Once you are certified, you instantly become more attractive to companies looking to do business with you. Proper certifications can significantly increase your business’s chances of gaining access to government and corporate contracts, private funding, and partnerships.


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