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40% to 50% of applicants are denied Certification for failing to prove documented ownership, management and control. We help previously denied clients receive their certification!

Most Denial appeals can be done in a matter of days. Sometimes there are alternatives if you were denied instead of waiting 6 months to 1 year to become eligible to reapply!

Our QA Process includes review by a Business Strategist, 2 Certification Specialists, and if neccessary Attorney and Accountant.


We put out a Press Release announcing your Certification, link it to your website and assist with email marketing... at No Additional Charge to you!

Get the Certification you deserve and start using it to increase revenue!

100% Approval Rate

Quick Review and Application

Expert Review

Cost Effective


Why Use HIT Executive Consulting?

Denied Certification?

We Can Help!

Denial Appeals and Re-applications

Being denied when you really deserve certification is difficult. However, there are reasons that may lead to the denial. Talk to us to see how we have helped other previously denied clients receive their certification!

Contact us for a

Free, No Obligation

Certification Denial Assistance Consultation!


WBE Certification

* HIT Executive Consulting is not affiliated with the WBENC, NWBOC, NMSDC, USWCC, NGLCC, or any other third party certifier. "Guaranteed Acceptance" applies to qualified women and minority owned businesses only. Please contact us for more details.

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